Monday, September 13, 2010

Essie Fall Into Fashion Collection 2010 - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! Today I have for you a very exciting collection for this fall from Essie. I liked a lot of polishes from the last few collections and it is nice that this brand can do some very interesting shades apart from the traditional pinks and reds. This collection only proves it. The Fall Into Fashion Collection (my post with the official promo pictures is here) consists of six shades and I think you will love it. The good part is that all the shades look much better on the nail than in the bottle which is always good to hear :) So let´s have a look and the shades one by one:

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

You can have a look at my video swatches of this collection here.

Exactly what I have been talking about with the bottle :) This looks much better on the nails. It is a rosy pink, gives the feeling of something conservative.I used three coats and the application was flawless.

A sexy coll toned red. Really very pretty. This is the only three coater in the collection. On the picture you can still see VNL but IRL it wasn´t noticeable. Be careful when removing this polish, it can stain your cuticles a bit. I recommend sweeping the cotton pad one way, away from the cuticles.

Wow, what a pretty color! I like the subtle shimmer it has. I think this is the most popular shade from the whole collection. I read that it is a dupe of RBL Diddy Mow but I don´t have that one to compare. Two coats.

Is my personal favourite color from this collection. I love colors like this for fall! It is absolutely beautiful. Two coats. Perfectness!

A dark purple vampy creme. Very popular this fall. We have seen OPI and Color Club do colors like this and of course I will have a comparison for you soon :) This was two coats.

A very dark brown creme, almost black. I love this shade! Looks darker that in the bottle. Reminds me of coffee :) Two coats.

As I said, I am really happy that Essie came with such interesting colors. I love their fall collections. The last years was also very pretty. The formula on these was good, nearly all of them are two coaters. These are already available so you can go and buy the ones that you like. Let me know which ones are you going to get and what you think about this collection :)

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.


  1. look awesome! i love the brown on you :D

  2. Ah I didn't want any of these until I saw these swatches, now I want them all!

  3. Those colors are really pretty but not unique =(

  4. These colors look great on you

  5. kellie: thank you so much. It looked great on you too :)

    Nailish Ramblings: so glad to hear that :)

    LadyLuck27: I didn´t have some of these in my collection so for me they are. But Velvet Voyeur isn´t agree with that :)

    L: thank you so much dear!

  6. Well of course I fell for Sew Psyched, and Merino Cool :)
    I also always like a good red, it looks sexy!

  7. I love them all! They're really hot :)

  8. Pffff, I really need Sew Psyched, it looks so pretty!

  9. Tak, a teď se mi líbí kromě Sew Psyched už i Merino Cool a Little Brown Dress!

  10. I love this collection, but is it just me that thinks that the Essie brushes are way too small? I find it very hard to get smooth coats! Maybe I'm spoiled by OPI's wide brushes ;)

  11. že by první kolekce Essie, co se mi líbí? :D

  12. Lovely colors! On your beautiful nails every polish looks stunning. :)

  13. love the first, the second, the third... LOVE ALL THE COLOURS!

  14. I really like Merino Cool, Sew Psyched and In Stitches. These colours are really cozy looking. =)

  15. Přemýšlím o Merino Cool :-) Není moc podobný Posh Polish-i od Eyeka?

  16. OMG your pictures are so wonderful, polish are so lacquered all polishes are great with you !!!! But how do you do such amazing thing ^^
    I love cream polish & I love Essie so I am sure this collection is very well :)

  17. Andrea: the red is verry pretty. I more and more realize that I need to buy more reds to my collection

    Lois: thank you, glad you like them

    Michelle: I think it will look stunning on your nails.

    sonidlo: Merino je můj nejoblíbenější, opravdu nádhera

    Juicy Nails: thank you

    Gaby: I had issues with the Essie brush before but now I guess I learned how to work with it :)

    Markéta: mě už se jich líbilo několik předtím, ale tahle je opravdu vydařená :)

    Tassa: oh, you are too sweet *blushin* thank you so so much!

    Uno: glad you like them

    Serena: my mum just took In Stiches, she absolutely fell in love with it

    Lou: pro mě není, je víc fialkový a to se mi na něm líbí. Ale nevím, jak to vnímá normální smrtelník :D

    Saori: thank you for the sweet words Saori, it is so nic of you! I always try my best with the pictures :)

  18. Limited Addiction - that's the one that caught my eye. Reds tend to stain a lot but I dicovered it's not only red that stains.....I got stains from blue and green!

  19. Velvet Voyeur and Limited Addiction are my faves.
    All of them looked great on you!

  20. thanks for the great swatches!! i think u convince to find myself some "in stitches" and "merino cool' :)

  21. In Stiches & Sew Psyched are gorgeous!!

  22. Wow, I like the whole collection, especially Sew psyched (such an extraordinary color!) and Merino cool.

  23. Merino cool vede, je bozi, moc ti slusi :)

  24. OMW i am totally in love with all of them!!

  25. kittypolishnbags: yes, that can happen too. Just have to know which colors do it and be careful when removing the polish :)

    Sarah: thank you so much. I think the colors go well with my skin tone, still, merino is the winner for me :)

    Jenny: glad I could help with them

    hiitscaila: yes, they are

    Blanche: well I can´t wait to see them on you :)

    Tereza: diky, taky se mi moc libi, ta fialkova v nem je dokonala

    princess V: ha ha, glad you like them!

  26. Thanks for the swatches ;)I really like Sew Psyched and Merino Cool. They're really beautiful colours and perfect for autumn.

  27. Love your nails, they look so pretty this length. I'm excited about this collection, I want all but Velvet Voyeur and I'm unsure on In Stitches.

  28. Oh my god, so excited for this one!! Sew Psyched, In Stitches, Merino cool and Limited Addiction, you're mine!!!

  29. OMG! Never commented before but these colors totally blew me away! I love all of them... well, except the first one which looks like new Chanel and I don't like both of them. But green is really cute. It's cooler tone than Chanel Khaki and I like it. And dark ones are gorgeous! But I'm not sure about quality. I have one polish from permanent collection and I can't say that I'm satisfied. It looks on me like 1 dollar polish I used to wear during my high school.

  30. i love you know if there is any online shop where i can by them cheaper????

  31. Anonymous: don´t know. I think ebay will be cheapest :)

    4all: thank you all for your comments. Love to read them!


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