Thursday, September 30, 2010

New bag and matching nails

Hey everyone! First I want to so much thank you for helping me find the perfect red in my previous post. I promise to show you pictures once I have the polish that will match with the charm.
For today I want to show you my try on something else. I few days ago I bought a beautiful duffle bag on asos. I LOVE it! The color is just amazing changing from purple to blue.
Now that was a challange! Do my nails the same :) I used two polishes for this. CND Eclectic Purple and Orly Rock Candy, both one coat. Here is the result. Tell me know what you think or if you have a better combination on mind, I would love to try it :)


  1. I like it! I can't think of anything better.

  2. Pretty!!!
    I loved your bad! The Color to Watch has a similar color, but it has a blue flash.
    Man, I need Orly's Rock Candy...

  3. Gorgeous bag and great nails... I have fun with this, too! You've got to get you inspiration from somewhere and handbags are a great option. :)

  4. Green and Purple flashes huh? I would be mezmorized by my bag if it did that! :-) I love the combination you chose. But purple that flashes green screams ZOYA ADINA to me!

  5. I agree with Zara! This combo is the best! :)

  6. That's a very pretty bag!
    And nice nail combo aswell.
    Could it look good using Teal Sparkle instead..?

    I thought of Zoya-Adina too,
    but first Scrangie popped up in my head :P

  7. My first thought was Scrangie, but I also really like your combination! :) If you like it, you could also do an accentnail using black nail polish (like your bag) and the circle design on imageplate m45, but I wouldn't use that on all nails :P

    Enjoy your new bag! It looks really pretty :)

  8. A mě napadla Jomina a prism, šlo by, psí oči, srovnání této kombinace s tvou kombinací?

  9. Zara: thank you!

    Sarah: I love the Orly for layering, it is awesome on black too :)

    AllThingsNails: exactly, I love to get inspired by everything around me :)

    BoldNBeautiful: thank you :) glad you like it.

    Heather: I really love the bag and it was cheap too :) You are right that Adina is like this too but the purple is too light I needed something a bit darker.

    Tassa: thank you <3

    Andrea: I will try teal sparkle next time I wear this bag!

    Daph: I was thinking about Scrangie too! Haha, it was the first thing I thought of. Too bad I don´t have that gorgeous polish .)

  10. Day: určitě šlo, zkoušela jsem si to už na papírku a vypadá to jinak :)

  11. Your nailes are the perfect match for the bag. Love the bag and the polish combo.

  12. matching your nails with your bag, thats awesome

  13. Oh, no!!! I want all that! How hot is that!!?

  14. Beauty By Brittany: thank you

    Pleshette Rose: thank you I love to play like this!

    PolishSis: I love to do that. Try it too :)

    Kimberly: thank you. The bag is in sale, which is great.

  15. I would love to see Orly Rock Candy over a black polish...maybe Liquid Vinyl.


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