Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OPI Diva Of Geneva versus China Glaze Cowgirl Up and Skate Night

OPI Diva Of Geneva, China Glaze Cowgirl Up
and Skate Night
This was a reader request. I wanted to do a comparison of Diva Of Geneva (DOG) with China Glaze Cowgirl Up (CU) myself :) Under my post about the OPI Swiss Collection I had a comment saying that Diva Of Geneva and China Glaze Skate Night (SN) are 100% dupes. So let´s have a look at them.

As you can see from my swacth, no dupes here...not even close. Skate Night is more red and Cowgirl Up has that blue shimmer which makes it more cool toned and purplish. Diva Of Geneva is a very beautiful color and I really recocommend you getting it! I love it :)


  1. I need Diva of Geneva!!! Fiali, great comparison :)

  2. Great comparison!
    Diva of Geneva is so beautiful!

  3. your dupe comparisons are So helpful!! I was going to suck it up and buy the collection but I think I'll hold off until I can swap for it.

  4. they are close enough that i feel like i dont need DOG or skate night.

  5. Lucisek: So glad I could help. I think Diva is a must have!

    Ju R: agree, I love it. Wearing it right now.

    Tara: Happy you find them helpful..

    LisaInFL: I am happy to have all three, I love these colors :)

  6. Thanks for doing this. I was wondering how close Diva of Geneva was to ChG Stella, which I think is pretty close to Cowgirl Up, so this really helps. :)

  7. Great comparison! I think I like Diva of Geneva best.

  8. They all look great but Cowgirl Up is definitely my favorite of them! Sooooo pretty! :D

  9. I have to admit, Cowgirl Up is my favorite, too!
    Thanks for the comparison!!!

  10. Thanks so much for this amazing comparison, very helpful indeed. I agree with Paillette Cowgirl Up is my fav, though I reckon the other two are lovely colors too.

  11. Krásné srovnání, Fialko, přesně ty barvy, které mě vždycky okouzlí a které (podle mého názoru) tvým nehtům sluší nejvíc :)

  12. cupcakequeen22: I did a comp of Stella and Cowgirl a year ago :) have a look

    Megan: I can´t decide which I like best :)

    Tess: Cowgirl Up is my favourite polish of all time. I have only half a bottle.

    Paillette: glad it helped :)

    sonidlo: není zač :)

    Golden Wishes: I love these kind of colors, so love all three of them :)

    Tereza: máš naprostou pravdu...taky se v těhle barvičkách cítím nejlíp :) taková moje klasika

  13. I love Diva of Geneva and Cowgirl Up. I don't have either one of them.

  14. All pretty colors! I have both ChG so I don't feel too bad now that I don't have the OPI one.

  15. Thanks for listening to my request! (DOG and CU)

    But whaaat, I have them both (not SN), and to me they look much more alike IRL! Your CU looks much more purple against DOG than I think it does when I compare. And I have them on nail wheels! Weird.

    But right now, I'm wondering how on earth I could be thinking of swapping/selling my DOG, it looks beautiful!
    Love all 3, but CU is my fav :)

  16. Fialko, nějak nestíhám číst a překládat všechny blogy, ale dnes jsem tě zase dočetla. Musím se vrátit na tvůj příspěvek o nové kolekci OPI. Je úžasná a přemýšlím, že si nějaké laky budu muset pořídit. Na tobě se mi velmi líbí THE COLOR TO WATCH. :o)

  17. Thanks for this comparison and also for the previous one!

    Could you maybe compare China Glaze's Jitterbug with OPI's Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous? :)

  18. I loved Diva Of Geneva from the very first swatch out there. Very beautiful!

  19. Wow! This was an extremely awesome and a very helpful comparison!
    Just what I needed to see before I ordered it. Thanks!
    I Luv your blog!


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