Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CND Taffy Pink

Today I want to show you a beautiful bright creme pink from CND. It is called Taffy Pink and I think it is the perfect color to cheer up those dark and rainy days. I love wearing pinks in fall. I will repeat myself here again as this applied so smooth and I have two coats. I love the CND cremes :) Do you like Taffy Pink?

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  1. Oh I love pinks so this is a must have for me

  2. lovely pink! =) how's the dry time on these newer cnds? i have a few old school bottles like cuppa joe & they NEVER dry for me...so sad b/c the colors are dee-lish!

  3. Sarah: glad you like it!

    Scandalous: I love pinks on you!

    LisaInFL: the drying time is much better than the old ones. It is a big change. I had issues with the old ones too.

    Serena: it is gorgeous.

  4. Would you say this is a dupe for OPI Shorts Story? It looks similar in the pic, but I don't have my bottle right on hand to reference it. ;)

  5. Mim Claire: I would love to help you with that but I don´t have that polish to compare :( sorry.

  6. This is absolutely stunning on you and your nails look amazing. Of course since I broke a nail and am back down to nubbins, I am seriously jealous of your nails right now!

  7. I find the colour a bit boring. But if the application is that good, it can be forgiven, haha.

  8. Oh...*faint*. This is so gorgeous!! (www.nailgalore.my)

  9. I never get bored of this type of colour. Your nails look flawless!

  10. *DROOLS*

    That is such a perfect pink! Your nails are gorgeous BTW

  11. OMG, I love that color!!! Thanks for sharing :) I just came across your blog. New follower here. Can't wait to read your posts.



  12. R3Daily: oh my, sorry about the broken nail :( hope it grows fast back

    Yarisse: the color is not unique but still pretty for pink lovers :)

    Beauty By Brittany: it sure is

    Ivana: I love it

    Enamel Girl: agree

    nailgalore: :) thank you

    glitterM: thank you. Pink looks great on everyone.

    tasha: thank you so much!

    Camy: it is

    Hardcore Makeup Junkie: hello there, I hope you enjoy reading :)

  13. Very pretty, and accurately named! :)


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