Saturday, October 9, 2010

Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

For me the most gorgeous greens come in holiday collections. And this one is no exception. After the stunning Cosmic FX Collection (I wear these A LOT) Orly comes with Tis The Season Collection for Holiday 2010. I already showed you the beautiful gold Glitz & Glamour a few weeks ago. Now is the time for the green.

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe is that perfect christmas green. I really love it :) Is is dark but not too much and I love the finish, the same as we have seen in the previous fall collection. The formula was great here. Covered well in two coats.


  1. This one is on my must have list, really gorgeous color :-)

  2. This one reminds me a little CG emerald sparkle no ?? anyway it is beautiful & as you say, a perfect christmas green ^^

  3. Vypadá pěkně! Že bych konečně měla Orly na wishlistu :D

  4. pretty!!

  5. I would like this for Christmas. Please can I have it? Hehe. ♥

  6. Pretty!!!
    I also love the glecky glitters!

  7. This is definitely on my wish-list. As you said, it's the perfect Christmas green! So pretty.

  8. Beautiful! ♥
    But isn't it very close to ChG emerald sparkle? Would you be so kind to do a comparison?

  9. nail crazy: I agree, it is perfect :)

    Saori: I will do a comparison :) but the finish is different.

    Mína: tak jestli nemáš, tak tenhle určitě přidej :)

    Heli beauties: thank you

    Hannah: tell Santa :) I am sure he will bring it.

    MissA: thanks

    Sarah: exactly. I love this finish!

    Danielle: I am glad you like it. I will be wearing this for sure in December :)

    Miranda: of course I will. Give me a few days and I will make a post about these two polishes

  10. Beautiful! I'm also curious how this one will look next to Emerald Sparkle. But take your time :)

  11. Ooh, that is a perfect green! I'm definitely going to be getting this one.

  12. Gorgeous color, I picked this up last week. I can not wait to wear it! :)


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