Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sparitual Living In The Moment

Today I have for you another Sparitual polish from their Imagine collection. And guess what? This one is also amazing! It is a grey creme with a hint of purple. It applied like a dream. This is two coats.

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.


  1. Whar a gorgeous color! And this is without TC?

  2. Another one of their shades that I must have!!! My search to find a comparable shade has now began...

  3. Silva: it is, this whole collection is great.

    Deborah: yes, I forgot to write that. It is without TC :)

    Mimi: glad you like it :)

    South: this is really very pretty. I will try to compare with what I have.

    Sarah: thank you <3

  4. Nice color; I love the grays and taupes that have purple in them, too!

  5. Very nice! I love those greys with a little purple in them.

  6. Lucy: děkuju, je nádherná :)

    ohyouprettythings: Sparitual did a great job here :)

    Aurora: exactly, the purple makes them special for me.

    Zara: me too :)

  7. Looks really soft and reminds me of flannel. :-) Perfect for winter.

  8. Your nails look amazing as per usual. But I must say I preferred A World of Compassion on you... Somehow the coolness of that made a more intriguing contrast with your skin tone.

    I checked out the Imagine collection in a store the other day; they are all such lovely work safe colours.

  9. Fialko, muzu mit jedno srovnavaci prani? Vim, ze jednu z "taupek" mam ted pujcenou, ale neslo by pak nejake velke taupe srovnani? Treba Merino cool, Chinchilly, Metro chic a Posh? Chinchilly a Metro chic rada zapujcim jako pokusne kraliky ;)

  10. Já bych ji zase ráda viděla vedle Gaga Lippmann. A vypadá krásně, škoda, že u nás si je nelze prohlédnou v nějakém obchdě "naživo".

  11. Beautiful shade, I like its coolness, maybe I could try to franken it...

  12. Fiali, neni stejny jako Lipmann waking Up in Vegas nebo jak se jmenuje? co takhle srovnani?

  13. awwww ... so pretty! Oh man, I'm gonna need this one, too ... ^^ My wishlist is ever growing ...

  14. glitterM: agree, great for winter.

    mylittlevanities: thank you for letting me know, I am always glad to hear what others think :)

    Tereza: to je slovo do pranice! Srovnání udělám, když láčky zapůjčíš, já jich tak moc nemám.

    Joan: :)

    Day: udělám srovnání, až mi Terka dodá ostatní láčky :)

    nail crazy: thank you

    Smaltoitaliano: or buy it. i think it is a great color to have.

    Lucisek: ten Lippmann tam neměl tu fialku, ale udělám srovnání :)

    Caitlyn: love this Sparitual collection.

  15. SO PRETTY! i cant even handle how much i love this color.

  16. Gorgeous! definitely going to my wish list.


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