Monday, November 1, 2010

Zoya Flame Collection Winter 2010 - Swatches & Review

Today I want to show you the new collection from Zoya. It is called Flame and brings us six amazing polishes. Zoya is a brand which is hard for me to get but all the polishes I have from them are great, so I am always excited about new collections. I knew I would like this one since I saw the first promo pictures. But before I tell you my opinion on the whole collection, have a look at them one by one.

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

This is a very pretty golden peach. I love the finish on all of these. It looks like glitter but is not, it is better to describe them as sparkle. This is two coats.

Gloria is a warm pink, again with gold :) It was opaque in three coats.

Crystal is a lighter blue with golden flecks. Look at the detail picture how beautiful it is! This was three coats.

I am wearing Lisa as a full mani right now and I love it. It a super bright red and it will be perfect for the Holidays! Love the sparkle finish. This was two coats.

The second red in this collection, it is darker than Lisa and has a bit more pink. I love it too. It was the first polish I tried as a full mani and got so many compliments on it. Two coats.

Yes, a purple! And what a beautiful one. This is nearly a one coater but two are better. I love the way it shines, just look at the colors in the bottle.

So this is it. The Zoya Flame Collection for winter 2010. I think that it is obvious from what I already wrote that I love the collection. When I look at it I think of all those christmas parties. If you choose any of these polishes you will shine! For me the winners are the reds, they are amazing and I already got a lot of compliments wearing them. And of course when there is a purple in a collection I am happy as can be. I love the finish these have. They look like glitters but the removal is without any problems. The coverage on these is also very good as most of them are two coaters. For me these are unique, I didn´t find any polishes that would be close to them in my collection so there will be no comparison posts with these.
You can order these already from Zoya.

Zoya Nail Polish colors are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and Camphor. 

I will be posting a video of these soon. I think it will be helpful. You will love them even more :) (edit: the video is here)
As always, I am curious to know what you think. Which colors will you get?

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.


  1. I LOVE Valeria, Gloria and Crystal. These colours are so gorgeous.

  2. I got myself Tiffany, and didn't know how to describe it.. glassfleck foil? Gorgeous finish.

  3. I got Valerie and Sarah. I knew I would love Valerie from the start, because like...glitter + sparkle..what's not to love?
    But Sarah totally took me by surprise...I hate red, but I couldn't deny her gorgeousness.
    Thanks for the awesome swatches!

  4. Serena: you are right, love them :)

    Vanity: I love the finish on these too, it makes them so special.

    ChaosButterfly: I wasn´t a red person very much but in the past month I fell in love with them. The reds in this collection are amazing!

  5. Great pics and wonderful colors! :) I feel like this collection is so neglected behind all the Burlesque-craze. I definitely want Crystal, Sarah and Valerie but they are all amazing.

  6. I have both reds and purple and I think they are great, much better than overrated burlesque.
    If you are ordering zoya buy also Ivanka, Hope and Rihana. Karina is a dead on dupe of sarah, so beware!

    Zoya is avaiable online in Poland, on Maybe you could buy there.

  7. Isn't it Fire & Ice collection? I'm wearing Lisa now and I've gotten so many compliments.

  8. Blu11: I also think this collection should have more attention :) but I haven´t seen the Burlesque IRL, so I can´t say :)

    zugzak: thank you for the suggestions, very helpful :)

    Megan: yes, it it. It was renamed :) Lisa is beautiful. I will keep it on for one more day.

  9. Your nails/pictures are gorgeous!! I just ordered (thx to Ebay) Gloria, Valerie and Tiffany but reds looks great on you!

  10. oh wow they're so pretty from up close.
    looove crystsl!

  11. I sooo need Valerie and Gloria! Love the pictures, as always!

  12. i love them all, but especially gloria :) i just bought her and tiffany from polish insomniac!

  13. Fialko, červené jsou dokonalost sama, moc k tobě sedí a doufám, že je budeš nosit často :) Sarah mi připomíná OPI Don´t toy with me.

  14. I can't wait til these are at ULTA! Wow!

  15. Crystal is hands down my favorite---I love its icy quality!

  16. I have cousins with three of these names!!! Wow. I'd take them all becuz they are that cute. However, my fav would be Tiffany.

  17. I LOVE Valerie. I was going to buy it on eBay (as Zoya doesn't ship to Australia) but then I had to buy some stuff for uni so I'll have to order it later. This whole collection is beautiful though!

  18. maisenzasmalto: thank you so much! I really love the reds. So glad i have these.

    you nailed it!: I thought the close up would be helpful .)

    isabella: awww, thank you. I am sure you will love them.

    kellie: I loved these on you. Great choice.

    nihrida: I still didn´t want to take it off so I have it on :) love!

    Jackie: amazing! Love all the colors in it.

    Tereza: moc děkuju, nechápu, jak jsem se jim mohla tak dlouho vyhýbat. To s tím OPI mě nenapadlo, musím někdy srovnat. Díky :)

    kittypolishnbags: hope they come soon!

    Auroras Nails: I love the gold flecks in it :)

    Jo: they are beautiful.

    Kimberly: wow! Then you really need to get these :)

    Danielle: well I hope you get your hands on it soon. It is amazing :)

  19. Sarah and Valerie are the most beautiful, IMO :))

  20. Oh no ... now I *must have* Crystal... ;D

  21. This is such a beautiful collection and you wear them well :)

  22. Oh Crystal! Would you marry me, please? I really need you. :)

  23. I got them all except for Valerie. I was thrilled about Sarah...of course... :)

  24. Wow they all look so pretty, I want them too :)

  25. I want's so pretty! And Crystal is lovely, too :)

  26. you have an award on my blog!

  27. allluring mum: I love them all :) really great collection.

    Jenny: it is so unique, very pretty.

    rmcandlelight: thank you so much!

    mylittlevanities: :) haha

    Sarah: oh it is so nice when a polish has your name!

    Diana: they are even better IRL!

    Silva: you should try the reds too :)

    maRyya: thank you! So sweet.

  28. the finish is very special a little like OPI winterland, ice effect. Perfect for this winter & their colors ar very pretty :)


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