Sunday, December 5, 2010

China Glaze 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice Holiday 2010 Collection - Video

A bit late with the video of this collection. Sorry about that but I forgot about one polish and it took me ages to do it. Looks like I am really blond because it happened to me again with the Burlesque collection :D
Well anyway. The China Glaze Holiday collection comes in really cute sets and I am sure they will be a great present. So here is some inspiration :)
My original swatches are here.


  1. Great post! And video, of course! It's your fault I'm so in love with this collection! Whenever I have to show it to someone I run to your blog! ;)

  2. Love your video! It showed the sparkle of the nail colors! I was a little iffy about Peace on Earth, but now I want it. =]

  3. LOVE this collection....finally completed it today with a run/haul at Sally! Thanks for the vid!

  4. You have some of the most beautiful nails and pictures in the whole nail blogosphere! I wish my nails were a fraction of that gorgeousness. Thanks for all your wonderful posts! Kelly

  5. Loved more than anything the "Midnight Kiss" is very beautiful *-*
    I want to use something for Christmas, I hope you find something similar here in Brazil.

  6. Gorgeous colours! I want them all!! xD

  7. love the video, gives me a better look at the colours that just pictures alone. plus the music got my in a more Christmasy mood :)

  8. Akuma Kanji: oh wow! thank you so much. Glad to hear that :)

    omgnoodles: It is a lot of work to make the videos but i am happy, it helps you :)

    Sara jean: the whole collection is worth it. I love it so much.

    Kelly: oh thank you! Nice to hear that.

    Lalli: you can buy China Glaze online. Have a look at

    Alice: thanks

    Danielle: I am so happy for comments like this. Thank you


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