Wednesday, January 12, 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away Spring 2011 Collection - Swatches and Review

So the first collection of the new year from me is China Glaze Anchors Away. I was very curious about it and was so happy to find a package with the collection this week.

What China Glaze says about the collection: "Sail away this spring in 12 nautically-inspired colors from China Glaze. These bold and confident brights are reminiscent of a carefree natural getaway, with soft ethereal hues that inspire leisurely thoughts of sand and sea."

So we have a nauticall inspired collection. I love the theme! Here are the polishes in their bottles. Really wide range of colors:

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

Light gray with subtle shimmer. I love the shimmer in it! Will be adding this to my favourite grays. You will need 2 -3 coats for this polish to be opaque.

I think you just look at the pictures and you get it. This is amazing! A very bright golden yellow. Looks like the sun :) It is a jelly and applied very well. I used three coats here.

Dark blue creme. It is very pigmented and if you use a thicker coat you can go with just one. Love polishes like this. For me a perfect blue for a nauticall mani.

Knotty reminds me of Frosty from the Holiday collection but it is more beige than white. It is a perfect polish to work but still not boring. This is three coats.

If I were to choose a least favourite color from this collection, it would be this one. I just can´t wear colors like this :( For those of you who like it, you will love to hear that the application was flawless and needs just two coats for full opacity.

On the other hand, here is one of my favourites. This one is so pretty! A darker jelly pink. Can´t wait to wear this one as a full mani. Very bright and happy color :) Two coats.

Another winner. A blueish gray with hidden shimmer. It makes your nails look really nice. I don´t think I have anything like this in my collection of polishes. You must have this one! Two coats.

It wouldn´t be a nauticall inspired collection without a red. Here is a very bright classic red creme. It is a bit thicker but still I had no application problems. If you make a thick coat it covers in just one. I did two here. Will compare to other reds to see if I can find any dupes :)

This is supposed to be very close to the popular China Glaze Channelesque. I don´t have it to compare but I am glad I have at least this one now. Looks amazing! Can´t get enough of colors like this. Two coats. Another must have of the collection.
Here is my comparison with Below Deck.

Not very fond of shades like this so I don´t think I will be wearing it but I know a lot of my readers are big green lovers. So here is one for you! Two coats.

This is a sheer jelly with golden shimmer. This is three coats and still not opaque. Those of you who can´t stand VNL might try layering it, I am sure the result will be great.

Beige shimmer with a hint of orange. Not sure if I like it or not. Must try as a full mani and wear it longer. Two coats.
 Anchors Away is a very nice collection. I found some amazing shades (my top three is Ahoy!, Lighthouse and Below Deck) that I can´t wait to wear. The choice of colors is wide...from sheer whites to a dark blue.
As for formula I found some of the shades a bit thicker but I had no problems applying them. Most of the colors are two coaters.
The collection should be already available in shops. Did you already get some of these? Tell me how you like the collection. I hope my swatches were helpful :)

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.


  1. I was not excited for this collection, but after seeing these swatches I think there is a few I want now!

  2. I am wearing First Mate right now! I haven't found Pelican Grey yet, MUST OWN!

  3. I may only want lighthouse, even if your swatches are amazing. please tell me does it have a visible nail line or is this just the photo?

  4. Amazing swatches! Like always :) I love this collction! I think I want every colour, but must have for me is Below Deck & Sea Spray! Thank You For swatches!

  5. omg omg love below deck

    reminds me of essie's merino cool!

  6. Great pictures and colors! I just bought "Below Deck" but now I want "Hey Sailor" too.

  7. Awesome swatches, thanks for sharing, so pretty, I think I see 5 I definitely need ! :)

  8. CG did a good job with this collection, oh my! Thanks for the swatches, they look great! I love the look of Sea Spray and Hey Sailor.

  9. Thanks for this great swatches!
    I will buy "Below Deck" and "Sea Spray" from this Collection. :)

  10. Wow! Great colors! <3 Your photos looks stunning! :)

  11. Wow, some of these polishes really are to die for. All except Lighthouse, Below Deck, Hey Sailor and Knotty are on their way here, I can't wait! :D

  12. Love your swatches! One question, could you maybe do a comparison of Below Deck and OPI Over The Taupe?

  13. Najkrajsi je Ahoy, ide na wishlist, asi som sa zamilovala:-)

  14. Some of them are interessant but i am not in love of this new collection but you're photos are wonderful as usual!! The first, pelican gray remind me the Orly pixie dust :) If you have this one a comparison is necessary XD
    Have a good day

  15. Very interesting collection. I also liked ZOYA intimate collection.

  16. Great swatches of a great collection!
    Can't you please compare Below Deck to Essie-Merino Cool?
    And more if you got something fitting :)

  17. Great swatches! The close-up shots are really nice.

  18. I'm really excited about some of the colors in this collection (Ahoy, White Cap, and Sea Spray). Thanks so much for the swatches...gotta get my butt over to transdesign!

  19. This is a very nice collection. Your swatches are just beautiful. Imo you wear all of them well! I'm so disapointed comoprof only has 6 of them. I guess I have to order the rest online or wait on Sally's. I hope they will carry the full collection.

  20. There are some awesome colors in that collection! I will definitely be getting a few of those.

  21. Miluju tvoje detailní fotky, je to skoro jako bych ty laky už měla :-D Moc pěkná kolekce, Ahoy je můj favorit už od prvních promo obrázků, těším se na něj a na asi 5 dalších taky :-D

  22. Původně jsem chtěla jen ten žlutý, teď chci tak polovinu z nich :)

  23. I love Sea Spray but Starboard is awesome!

  24. Nail Designs: oh thank you! So nice to hear that :)

    jbrobeck: you sure must, I am sure you will love it.

    zygzak: it does have VNL. You might try more coats or something under.

    Sarah: thank you!

    P4ulin3ck4: was a bit scared how the pictures will look, I had very bad light.

    lara: I will make a comparison :)

    Nagellack Junkie: it is a very pretty red. I like it :)

    Jackie S: glad you like them.

    AmyGrace: Sea Spary is just amazing. It looks so nice on!

    MrsPetruschka: great choice!

    Tassa: thank you! So glad to hear that. Was a bit worried about the light.

    Viola: I love nail mail :) enjoy it

    Deborah: I don´t have the OPI :( will ask my friends if they do and try to make a comp.

    Veve: Ahoy je úžasný, i ten název :)

    Saori: I think I sold the Orly but I might try to get it for the comparison :) will try

    pchelka217: I hope to show you this collection too.

    Andrea: sure I will compare. Thank you for the request :)

    Laura: thank you, glad to hear they help someone.

    Varnish Vixen: you chose some very nice colors. Enjoy the shiopping!

    rmcandlelight: oh my, I thought it was easy to get China Glaze in the US. Hope you get the colors you like .)

    Megan: glad to hear you like them

    viennettka: ty jo, děkuju. Já si pořád říkám, jestli to není zbytečná práce :) Těším se na tvoje fotky. Nestíhám komentovat, ale pravidelně čtu.

    sonidlo: ten žlutý je opravdu must have. jsem byla až překvapená, jak je krásný.

  25. Your nails make every colour form this collection buyable, really. And the ones I've ordered now look even more appealing, awesome!

  26. your nail are gorgeous!!
    nice to see this collection on your nails!!
    I love ahoy!!!

  27. Hi..

    OMG this collection is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...
    I love first mate, pelican gray and below deck, its so annoying because in my country they are really expensive!

    Looking at below deck i remember one polish that i have and u too.. and, if possible, i would like u to tell me if exists any dupe of it. The polish is H&M - grey sky, i really love it.. but i cant buy it anymore!! (

    Thank you and keep up the good work*

  28. They all look amazing on you, but I think Below Deck is my favorite!

  29. I love so many shades in this collection. But I have to agree that Life Saver is not a pretty one :/

  30. Good day! Thank you very much for the great swatches. I chose to Sea Spray, Pelican Grey, Below Deck and Sunset Sail and already waiting for them. Your pictures even more confirmed me in my choice. Thank you again!
    Good luck!

  31. I always love your pics! They are so true to life, IMO. Great swatches!

  32. I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award! :)

  33. Ulmiel: so glad that you are happy with your choice :)

    Renate: thank you. I would love to show you more spring collections.

    Lili: I will make comparisons of the polishes so stay with me a few days and I will post them :) Thank you for the nice words.

    Nail Noir: Below Deck is really nice. Hope it doesn´t sell out.

    Sarah B.: yes, Life Saver is really not my type. I don´t like polishes like this.

    katyonok26: I am so happy, I could help you with the choice :) glad you liked the swatches.

  34. Na tuhle kolekci se těším jak malá od doby, co jsem viděla trakový malý usmolený obrázek celé kolekce. U každého druhého laku, když jsem prohlížela tvoje swatches, jsem dělala ááách a oooch :) First Mate je jasná volba, ke které se asi přiřadí Sea Spray a Ahoy. Ohledně Life Preserver-a v lahvičce se mi líbil moc! Ale na té tvé fotce zas nevím, říkám si, jestli je to barva pro mě, no... Taková cihlovka, čekala jsem více broskvovou, podle fotek od ChG. Každopádně už dlouho jsem nebyla takhle nadšená z celé kolekce. ChG jede :)

  35. I lurve this collection, I love each and every color (except the reds, a bit too boring). Sea Spray is one color I must have.

  36. AAAGGHHH congrats on getting these! i seriously love them all! can't wait to see them in person :D starboard looks freaking amazing on you as does sea spray!

  37. Thanks for this great swatch!! I can choose my favourites !

  38. I believe this is one collection I want all of! Starboard is my favorite. Below Deck and First Mate are also favorites. Your nails are just gorgeous.

  39. They really seemed to hit it out of the park with this one! I love so many of the colors!

  40. Fialí, fotečky se ti moc povedly. Mně se líbí BELOW DECK a AHOY! :o)

  41. Hey!

    You've been given an award because of your amazing blog! :

    Congrats!! =)

  42. Fialko, super fotky a hlavne ani neuvazuj o tom, ze bys nedelala ty detailni, jsou super! Leo

  43. great always!
    i just love sea spray!

  44. first off, I love your nails! And your swatches look amazing. I ordered this entire collection and can't wait for it to come! The red does look fairly "classic red" though. And browsing through, you recently posted Illumasqua Alarm, does that compare? I have ChG Salsa, so will be interested to see if they are similar or not. I know sometimes reds can be more orange or blue depending, but this one looks pretty standard.

  45. Midge: thank you :) I already made a red comparison, will be posting it this week.

  46. it´s strange, but I didn´t "fall in love" with no one..usually I really like at least one shade from collections, but this time no... they are not ugly, just nothing special.

  47. For me, this was the best collection CG has come out with for 2011 most certainly and maybe even my fav CG collection since their OMG! I am so glad they now put it into the classics wall and is finally available as of last late fall, at Sally's in the USA. It was never released via Sally's when it came out originally. All this collection is now on the classics wall EXCEPT for Knotty which was not put into the classic collection & no idea why not. I adore Ahoy and Lighthouse.


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