Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nicole By OPI Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl Collection 2011 - Swatches and Review

Ok, first I have to say that I had to google up Justin Bieber to know who he is :) guess I am too old. I don´t get the idea of him having a nail polish collection but because these are some really nice shades I don´t mind. There is never enough of polish. So let´s have a look at the collection. I have all the shades but one which will come in about two weeks. I will show you that later and then add it here.

A very sheer iridescent pink/purple. I am sorry for my nails, I ran out of my base coat and haven´t been using anything and this is how it ended. This was three coats. I can imagine this polish will be great for layering on dark creme polishes too.

A classic silver foil. Very shiny and easy to apply. This was two coats.

Because of my ugly nails I layered this heart glitter on the previous polish. It was hard for me to work with it as I didn´t manage to pick the hearts. Mybe I just don´t know how to do it.

One of my favorites from the collection! A beautiful medium purple glitter. The glitter has different sizes and the effect is amazing. It is very shiny. It was easy to work with. Three coats.

Another beauty. Just sad that it looks better in the bottle than on the nail. It has holographic micro glitter which drowns in the polish once applied on. The formula is on the thick side and you can see some brush strokes. Two coats.

I like this warm red shade just can´t imagine it on girls that like Justin Bieber. Reminds me of shades from the OPI fall collection. The application was ok, two coats.

Beautiful sexy red. I really like colors like this and will surely be wearing this. It was also a bit thicker but nothing major. Two coats.

Not sure if I like this one or not but when I look at the close up I think I do. Reminds me of something I might already have, will try to do a comparison. Two coats.

The winner for me! I LOVE this shade. It looks just so pure and clean. A great color for spring and I think this is my next mani. I can´t stop looking at the pictures. This was two coats and I had no problems with the application. The first coat was a little bit streaky but it all smoothed up with the second.

Another favourite. I think I have nothig like this. A medium blue with holographic micro glitter. This time the glitter shows much more and it looks great in the sun. Sadly there was none when I did the swatches but believe me this polish is very pretty. Formula was a bit on the thick side again. Two coats.

So this is what I have, I will show you the last one soon :) Again I apologize for my ugly nails.
This is actually the first time I tried Nicole By OPI polishes and I have to say that I really like them. These have a new brush which was great for me. It is wide and a bit round. It was easy to use.
The colors in this collection are fun. I loved at least half of the shades and there isn´t a color I wouldn´t wear. The sad part is that I heard that the collection is sold out but I am not sure about that :( If you could, which ones would you buy?

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  1. I think I will be buying the blue one, it was just too cool!

  2. I love it! I like the pink shades, and the blue shades.. Not so much the hearts. Can buy loose glitter hexagons in heart shape and place it o my nails if I want :P

  3. I love hes a keeper, and me + blue pretty colors!!

  4. I like some of the shades, but most I don't really like.

  5. wow, i reeeeeeeeeeeally like "my lifesaver"!

  6. There are some very pretty shades in there - the purple glitter, and that blue one!

  7. Já teda Justina Biebera nemám ráda a půl roku jsem si myslela, že ty písničky zpívá slečna. Ani tahle kolekce mě neoslovila. Až na One less lonely glitter či jak bylo jméno té fialky.

  8. I actually cannot believe that Justin Bieber has his OPI nail polish collection :D but I like the last 2 blue colours :)

  9. Looovee the little hearts on the silver polish--that looks really great!

  10. I told my BF that I love Justin B cause he got this OPI Collection. LOL!

  11. Jsou krásné, kromě těch glitrových mi každý z nich "něco" připomíná. Ráda bych viděla nakolik jsou si podobné Zoya Sarah a Nicole OMB, jesli můžu poprosit.

  12. My lifesaver is the best!

  13. Haha, ta první věta nemá chybu. Taky jsem vůbec netušila, kdo to je :-)

  14. Hello! Are you from USA? Im asking you this because I am in love with the nailpolish with little hearts and I looked EVERYWHERE on the internet and I can't find any online store that sells to Europe (I am from Portugal). Unfortunetly I looked everywhere, even on Ebay. On Ebay they want 30 dolars for the polish + mail costs, which is a little bit too much for me. So, I'd like to ask if you know any store that sells it online and sends to Europe I would be very thankfull!
    Best wishes,
    Ana Sofia F.

  15. I love Never Give Up and Me + Blue. But all of them are really pretty.
    PLS check out my beginnings at
    I bought some of my beauties thanx to your great posts and pics (esp. China Glaze Tis Season...) Thank you.

  16. Blanche :) to jsem ráda, že nejsem jediná.

    Ana Sofia: I am from the Czech Republic. I would love to help you but I also don´t know where to find this polish. If you want a polish with hearts. Try NYX. I am sure it will be easier to get. here is a link to my post:

  17. I know he's cute and his favorite color is purple. I don't like his music but I can understand why young girls are crazy for him. I'm an oldie and grew up loving the Beatles. I know if they had nail polish out I would have bugged my Mother incessantly for this collection. There are a few pretty shades. I only own one Nicole polish. I don't think these are anything I'll go out of my way to buy.

  18. How does "Never Give Up" look compared to Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away"?

    I love My Lifesaver! I think I'm going to get it. Do you happen to have other colors from the collection? I'm dying to see swatches of "See U Smile" & "Not A Gold Bigger" but I can't find any blogs that have swatched them!

  19. Adeline: I will try to do a comparison :) I don´t have the other colors, I just have the purple to swatch.

  20. Some of the polishes you have in this post are not actually part of the Justin Bieber collection. Got Style, Never Give Up, He's A Keeper, and Count on Me are from the new Wal-Mart exclusive collection that was released at the same time.

  21. nice, I don´t like Never give up... there´s something about that shade that bothers me..the rest is nice, hard to say which one is my favourite :)


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