Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finger Paints Palette Of Petals Spring 2011 Collection - Swatches and Review

Finger Paints...a brand that is not available in Europe and it is a shame. They have cute bottles, nice formula and some really pretty shades. Today I want to show you their newest collection called Palette Of Petals. It is obvious from the name where they took the inspiration. It might not be very original but I don´t care, I found some really cute colors here:

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

Color described as Rose by Finger Paints. It is a creme as all the collection except one. This was two coats.

Happy lime color, not too bright it is a nice creme pastel. This looks so much like spring! I love the color. It would be a great base for some nail art with flowers. Two coats.

Perfectness in a bottle. This is one coat! This polish is an amazing lavender creme and I already wore it as a full mani, I am so happy to have this polish in my collection. Will make a comparison to similar colors.

I think this was my least favourite shade although I also like it. On the picture are two coats but three may have been better.

The only shimmer in the collection is this orange. It is very pretty, applied very well and needs just two coats for full coverage. If you are looking for a nice shimmer orange be sure to try this.

Another beauty that I have already had as a full mani. I am so happy with this collection and this polish is no exception. Two coats.

For me this is the most spring looking collection I have tried so far. The colors might not be super unique but as a set they are perfect. I already wore some of these which is always a sign that I really like the collection (lately it is hard for me to pick a polish). The only thing that is a negative is that Finger Paints is not available in Europe, I hope that changes soon, this brand has a lot to offer! I am really glad I got the chance to try these out.
I hope I helped my US readers with their shopping but I would also love to hear what everyone else thinks about this collection :)

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company


  1. I'm in love with AREN´T YOU GLAD-IOLOUS :)

  2. Carnations Creations is gorgeous! Of course I live in Europe T.T

  3. Wow these are gorgeous, such a shame they aren't available in Europe!! Grrrrr :(

  4. I would buy a few but I am in Europe :( I like the shimmer one, AREN´T YOU GLAD-IOLOUS and CARNATIONS CREATION.

  5. These are pretty, but I saw them at Sallys the other day and passed them up. I am not interested in creme finishes right now and wasn't wow'd by the orange. I guess I'm hitting a "I don't need every polish I see" stage. Blasphemy, I know.

  6. What a shame we can't get them in Europe. I love the pink, purple and lavender
    Stacie x

  7. I'm really liking these. And they seem to have an easier application than most pastels from what you posted about them. Awesome!

  8. Líbí se mi poslední dva! Je opravdu škoda, že není moc šancí se k téhle značce dostat...

  9. This is a really great spring collection! Like you said, not the most original, but nice colors nonetheless.

  10. Great swatches, thank you! I want Chrysanthmum's the word and Carnation Creation; they are sooo gorgeous!!

  11. I have these and they are so pretty aren't they?!

  12. I love these polishes! Thanks to Kris at MyLucidBubble I got the chance to buy four of them from her. I got DAHLIA MY NUMBER, DID YOU AST-HER OUT?, AREN´T YOU GLAD-IOLOUS and CHRYSANTHE-MUM´S THE WORD. I wish I could get my hands on the other two to have a complete set but hey, maybe they'll come to Europe soon. I do hope so!

  13. Really pretty collection :) Love that the colors are light, but not so pastel where its to much :D

  14. AREN´T YOU GLAD-IOLOUS and CARNATION CREATION are my favorites from this collection. They're also on my wishlist.

  15. Love!!! I'm headed to Sally Beauty to pick these up now!

  16. nice collection, nice shades for this summer :)


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