Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoya Intimate Collection Spring 2011 - Video

Haven´t posted a video for a long time. I love doing them but lately I find them very time-consuming :( I am thinking about stopping doing them.
Anyway, I still want to show you the Zoya Intimate Collection. Hope you enjoy it! My swatches of this collection are here.


  1. I think videos are the most helpful for collections with holographics, duochromes, and some glitters. For cremes and most shimmers, like these, I'm happy enough with pictures. Your videos have been great, but if they're overly time consuming, I'd save them for the polishes that really need movement to show their real sparkle.

  2. I really like the videos! They give such a better idea of the colour than pictures alone. There is nothing like your videos elsewhere that I have found.

  3. I agree with Aimee. Having the movement is most helpful when the polish has some sort of color or effect shift. So if you like doing the videos occasionally, my preference would be for those first.

  4. Dřív mi to přišlo jako strašná blbost koukat na videa o lacích, ale je to fakt super :-) Můj favorit je rozhodně Jules a ta poslední zelená, jejíž jméno jsem zapomněla!

  5. I need the Dove, God!lol

    love your blog, you've got a follower from Brazil!


  6. These polishes are all so favourites are the first three, simply gorgeous :)
    Have a nice day ;)

  7. The polishes are wonderful. I like Jules most ( I think it it is a little watery in applying, but that may be just me). I wear it with one coat OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream. This combination is always drawing attention :)

    Love your Blog!


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