Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eyeko Liptastik Loud Mouth, Lip Lover and Hot Lips: Swatches and Review

Today I want to show you a really cute product from Eyeko...well, everything from Eyeko is cute :) I am a regular user of some of their products. My favourite Eyeko nail polish is Punk and I also like their Cream with Extra Glow. A few days ago I got another promising product from them in the mail. I want to show you three Liptastic Glossy Lip Pens.

When it comes to lipstick I apply it with a lip brush because I can not get it right just like that. I found these pens very easy to use. First I outlined my lips and them filled them in with color. This way you get a big color payoff, these are very well pigmented. If you want a softer look, try to dab a little color with your fingers. If your lips tend to dry, then don´t worry with these. I found them very hydrating, they give a glossy look. As I said, these come in three shades, so here are my swatches (left on lips - my skin retouched, hate macro pictures and didn´t want to scare you, right is on my hand).

"Rosy pink lips always looks polished and effortless. Maximise your beauty wardrobe with this flattering hue."
This is a nice rosy color. I like wearing a very soft layer of this shade. It makes you look mylipsbutbetter :)

"Sexy red lips are winter's hottest accessory and this scarlet hue will keep you ahead of the fash pack."
Red lips will always be classy and never boring. This is a warm red with a bit of orange. It looks very sexy.

"Fuchsia lips are just the thing for updating retro-trends and adding a youthful edge to your look."
This is really hot. I think Hot Lips will be great for summer. This is the only color I didn´t dare to wear outside and only had it on for a while at home.

In the past I tried some lipstick pencils from other brands but didn´t like them. I didn´t like to sharpen them, it was a mess and they were all broken. I also remember that a lot of them were very dry. Compared to those I think that Liptastik is great. I love the fact that you don´t have to sharpen them, you just twist the bottom of the pencil. I also like their finish and the way they feel on your lips. Staying power is average, if you eat or drink, you will have to do some touch ups. Negatives? Well I don´t like the smell of these but you can notice it only if you put your nose close to the pencil. On the lips they don´t bother you at all. One more negative is the choice of colors. Now don´t get me wrong, I like these three, but I hope they come with more shades, would love to have this in nude :)
You can buy all three shades here for 14.00€, or buy them individually.
Did you try these? What were your thoughts? :)

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company


  1. Wow, hot lips looks gorgeous! I want! :)

  2. WOW! those look amazing :) lovely shades.

  3. I'm preaching with the choir... your lips are beautiful! :) And I like these pen-lipsticks. I'm not good with fuchsia lips but the other ones I'd like. I bought some from Clinique called chubby sticks. It's a mix between lipstick and balm. They don't provide as much colour as these.

  4. Seriously I love the look of them all and lovely lips! x

  5. Super hot gorgeous lips you have! :D And the colors definitely dont make them lesser pretty ;D

  6. Thank you girls * blushes* I still feel shy to show anything else than my nails :)

  7. I need hot lips in my life! Gorgeous shades! xo

  8. The most beautiful swatches and pics I've seen

  9. Ale Loud mouth budeš nosit, ne? Tužky vypadají nanejvíš lákavě.

  10. Day: já myslím, že budu nosit všechny. Jen třeba ne takhle intenzivní, ale jen jemnou vtsvu :)

  11. These are all pretty. I know I have lipsticks similar to these colors. I tend to buy the my lips but better quite a bit! I have tons of red shades. The fuchsia shade I also have a few of. I also buy lots of lipsticks. They're must first makeup love. They all look lovely on you. I don't have any Eyeko products. I like that these don't have to be sharpened.

  12. Thank you so much for these swatches <3 I love lipstick pencils :)


  13. Those lipstick pencils sound - and look amazing on you. They look they are perfect for making a very matte lip.

  14. Those colours are awesome!! And I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You inspire to get more and more nail polishes!! and now lipstick pencils too!!! lol!! ;)


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