Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nicole By OPI Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl Collection 2011 (Part II) - Swatches and Review

Two months ago I showed you the first collection and today I have the second set for you. I don´t know how much input Bieber himself had on this collection and to be honest I don´t care. I didn´t even know him before these came out, guess I am too old for this. What I do care about is the colors of the polishes so lets have a look at these:

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

I got this with the first set so you already saw this shade but looks like it belongs to the second so I am posting my old pictures of this one again. Now that I have this polish for two months I can say that I love it. It goes so well with my skin tone. Two coats.

First coat a bit streaky, the second evened it out. Didn´t apply the polish very well on my middle finger so sorry about that. I already had this as a full mani for three days and I loved it. For me a perfect baby blue. Not a very unique shade but great for spring. Two coats.

A bright grass green. You know I am not a very big fan of green but I can imagine myself wearing this one. I didn´t have the courage to wear it yet but I will try one day :) As with the one before, first coat was a bit uneven, the second fixed it.

A bright medium purple creme. The picture is two coats, three could have been better. I think I read somewhere that Bieber likes purple, well that is great because I love it too!

Is silver glitter in a clear base so I used the previous polish as a base. The glitter comes in two sizes, big hexagonal and small round. In the previous collection there was a heart glitter that was hard to work with. Well, that is not the case of this one. On the pictures there is only one coat, the glitter spreaded evenly. I want to try this one on a dark blue, I think it will look like the night sky :)

Well, there is nothing unique about a red creme but I am always happy to find a good one. I found this very easy to work with. I like the new brushes, for me they are so easy to handle. This is three coats but if you have short nails, you can do just two.

Another purple! Too bad it looks better in the bottle than on the nail. This is a dark purple shimmer, but the shimmer is not very visible. It is so dark it almost looks black. Two coats. Too bad there isn´t more depth in this one.

Golden foil. There are a lot of golden foils, this one is not the yellow type, it goes more towards champagne. It will look great with a tan, I am sure of that. I am wearing it right now and I like it. Two coats.

I think the second set is better than the first. I really like most of the colors although they are not super new and unique. As I said I like the brushes, they are wide and rounded and I found them very easy to work with. Most of these were two coaters and the formula was consistent through the whole collection. My favourite three are My Lifesaver, "Baby" Blue and I´m a Belieber.
What do you think about these shades?

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  1. these are GORGEOUS!!! do you think "Baby" Blue is similar to What's with the Cattitude?

  2. Omg, I love those! Too bad that in Finland I can't find them anywhere;( But I want these all! These are so gorgeous!

  3. nicnacknails: I only have the Shrek green from this collection, so I can´t compare :( sorry.

  4. I agree, the second collection was much better than the first!

  5. I agree that they aren't new or unique. They are pretty. I love the green polish. You make all of the polishes look beautiful.

  6. Those don't have topcoat, right?
    I think those shades are really beautiful (just 'cause I love colours :P) but I do believe they don't add anything new to the actual scenario of nail polishes. By the way, would you call My Life Saver a neon? It looks neon in your photos :)

  7. Such lovely colours in that collection! I especially like the first two. :)

  8. These shades are pretty nice, but nothing really stands out for me.

  9. Akuma Kanji: yes, the swatches are without a top coat. My Lifesaver is not a neon, it is just bright :) I really like it.

  10. I love them all except One time lime... that shade is not for me :)

  11. I love them all but the green one... very pretty collection :) x

  12. This collection is on my list to swatch next! I love Baby Blue the most I think. I was disappointed too with that dark purple shimmer. :/

  13. They all look so perfect!
    You have awesome nails and you have such a beautiful strokes :O

  14. Not a fan of Bieber, but I love these polishes : D

  15. OMG I love them all! Especially the second one, but they all look amazing. Great swatches!

  16. Love the hexagon glitter! I especially love that it's easy to work with. I bought a glitter recently with stars in it and I can't get the stars out. The clear polish comes out on the brush but no stars :/

  17. Great shades ! My favourite is the " light " purple ! more with this glitters !

  18. Hi ! My name is Diana and I'm from Brazil ! I'm also a nail polish addict and I love your nails !
    I was wondering if I could put the pictures of this post on my blog, with all the credits for you, of course. We don't have this colection here, and it's very expensive to get it imported, but I realy liked it and would be very happy if you let me use your pictures to show my readers this lovely collection ! Send me an email with your answer if you like. I hope it's a yes ;)

    xoxo !


  19. bieber fever is pretty and I bet would look great stamped over with silver

  20. From the pic, "I've got Bieber Fever" doesn't seem so "blackish". If it's actually as shown in the pictures, I like it. Have you ever seen Chanel Vendetta? That is SO black. I have to put it over some black thing to notice it's dark violet :-(
    By the way, you have a wonderful skintone!

  21. Já si zamilovala zelenou, to snad není možný! :)

  22. the dark purple one is really good .

  23. LOVE these colors!! Everything looks so great! :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  24. hi! :) I really enjoy reading your blog!
    and the gold one is really awesome,
    may i have a comparison on OPI Nicole's NOT A GOLD BIGGER, OPI Swiss Collection GLITZERLAND, Zoya JULES and China Glaze SWING BABY?
    thank you som much!! :)


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