Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Smashbox Lip Enchanting Gloss - Swatches and Review

A little makeup post for today :) I have these at home a few weeks now. I love testing new cosmetics. I have to say that my favourite gloss of all time is Smashbox 35mm. I love it for summer. I was very excited when I got the chance to try out more. I have six shades to show you! (Yes, I photoshoped my skin. This post is not about my imperfections but about the glosses).

Illume is a sheer champagne shimmer. On the lips it looks almost transparent and gives you a nice shine. Your lips will look juicy. It is not sticky.

One of my favourites. Capture is a nice medium bronze. It is very well pigmented. This shade went straight to my makeup box and I am using it very often. Great summer color!

This one is also very well pigmented. It looks almost like a lipstick with a gloss on top. A beautiful vibrant red. Great to pair with a black eyeliner and mascara. Hot!

Another beautiful shade. It is not very visible from my pictures but this fuchsia pink has a little bit of blue shimmer in it.

This is a plummy brown with gold shimmer. I love the color but don´t have the courage to wear it. But if you like dark glosses I think you should give it a try.

In the packaging Icon does not look very nice. But because it is sheer, you just have  hint of color on your lips and in the end it does not look bad at all. I would say this is a good summer color, can´t imagine it on pale skin.

As I said, I love Smashbox glosses. They do not stick, stay for long and I they don´t have an annoying scent that some glosses have. Three of the shades have already found their places in my makeup bag and I feel like I could try out some more. For me Smashbox is very much connected with summer because a lot of my summer glosses and bronzers are from Smashbox. I have some more products from them I want to show you, so excited!
The Lip Enchanting Glosses are available here for $18.

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous swatches! I love Starlit, Electric, and Icon.


  2. They look wonderful on your lips!

  3. I have quite a few Smashbox glosses. One thing that I love about them is that they aren't sticky. I hate when your hair gets stuck in your lips! I love the shimmer in these. They all look pretty on you. You should wear them all since they're all flattering on you.

  4. I am not so much a gloss girl, but the only ones I ever really liked were Smashbox :) question: why are some of the applicators different? Is that related in any way to the color, or are some of them older?

    Capture and Starlit are my favorites, but really, they all look lovely on you!

  5. Lucy: glad you are a Smashbox gloss fan too :) you are right, they are not sticky.

    Larie: the two with the different applicator are the sheer color glosses. The rest are the full color.

  6. They all look great on you :)

  7. Editko, jako vždy paráda a ráda vzpomínám na mé smashbox začátky, máš nějaký nový tip na léto kategorie must have ??

    Jinak tvůj blog nemá tady v tomto směru konkurenci, jsi úžasná a šikovná fialka !

  8. I like the Starlit shade, that looks awesome! I like your pictures very much :)

  9. I like Illume the most, but that's because I'm not really a lip color kind of girl.


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