Friday, August 12, 2011

OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides Collection 2011 - Swatches and Review

So good to be back after a longer summer break. I did not post much this summer, I had a lot to do. But now I am back and I want to post much more often. Today I want to show you this OPI collection. I am late with it, as the customs held my package, but I am sure it is still nice to have a look at it. I still didn't see the film and now I have to go to the cinema. Just don´t know which of these to wear :)

A light grey creme. Very glossy...all my swatches are without a top coat. This was two coats, I think it looks very elegant :)

The only polish from the collection I had some application problems with. But not much, I just had to use three coats here to hide imperfections.

I love this! It is a turquoise creme but it does not scream into your face. It is muted, dusty looking. Very pretty. Two coats.

A medium lavender purple. I love purple so I like this one too, but it is not so special. Two coats.

Muted pink that looks a bit darker than in the bottle. Great formula on this one, it applied like a dream :) Two coats.

A very light blue based pink or a lavender. You choose. It is a very pretty color and I can´t wait to wear it as a full mani! Two coats again.

 When I first heard that this collection is coming out I dreamed about totally different colors coming. Therefore the first promo pictures were a little disappointing. However, after swatching them I have to say that I like most of the collection. Although this is a spring/summer collection I think that these colors will be great all year round. The formula was also very good, standard OPI. Only one of the polishes required three coats for full coverage.
There is also one more thing that you might miss on my pictures...yes the OPI Silver Shatter. I want to do a special post about that so please wait for it. Can´t wait to show you :)
This collection is out for a pretty long time now, so tell me...which ones did you get or you want?

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company


  1. I only got the silver shatter and Skull & Glossbones. I'm not into pastels so those two were the only must haves for me.

  2. My favorite is the Mermaid's Tears. It's so simple yet stunning. :)

  3. Mermaid's Tears is definitely my favorite! I love those minty greens.

  4. i love these soft pastel-like colours! I like the last one :)

  5. WOW!!
    I just discovered your blog and I loved it! I've become a follower and I've also added this blog to my blogroll, that's how much I liked it!
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  6. Love this collection, I thought I was done with the pastels but these are really pretty ;D

  7. Wow - I don't even like this collection, but your application is so perfect it makes them look good. Amazing job. :)

  8. Wow, beautiful swatches! Only you can make me get lemmings for polishes I already have!

  9. Thanks for swatching! My beloved Mermaid's Tears + you nails = stunner!

  10. Your nails are so gorgeous! You make everything look great.

  11. you have very nice shape of nails:)

  12. I got Mermaid Tears, Plank-a-lot, and Steady as she rose :)

  13. Your nails look AMAZING! Great post too.

  14. Hy!

    I love then all, they are so glowing!
    Great blog btw, I'm following^^


  15. I love all of these, they are so pretty!

  16. I own Mermaid tears and Silver shatter both which I love and use often. I also bought steady as she rose, which I HATE. I see my nail line, it ends up streaky and it doesn't look pink on me, it looks white. I'm not sure if it's just me or anyone else is having the streaky problem but it's super annoying. BUT I still totally love mermaid tears. I love it so much that I'm going to be painting my room a color close to that!

  17. This is great collection and my favorite are SKULL & GLOSSBONES, PLANKS A LOT and a big surprise since I don't wear colors like this one but MERMAID´S TEARS took my breath away :)


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