Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Moisturizing Polish Remover

I wanted to show you the nail polish remover that I have been using lately. I am already on my fourth bottle and I will keep on using it. I like it for five simple reasons:
  1. It is cheap
  2. I can buy it in my local drugstore
  3. It doesn´t have that nail polish remover smell
  4. It doesn´t dry my cuticles
  5. It removes polish well
I also took a picture of the ingredients. Yes it does contain acetone but that is what I was going for. With all the swatching I have to do I need something effective. And although it does contain acetone it does not dry my cuticles which is a big plus. I am sure you don´t want to see ugly cuticles on my macro pictures. 

I am not saying this is the best nail polish remover out there. But we have  limited possibilities of what nail polish remover to buy in my country. If I would be a normal nail polish user I would maybe go for something more expensive but I use tons of nail polish remover and don´t print money, so this is my choice and I am really happy with it.
Still I would love to know what nail polish remover works the best for you?


  1. I'm actually using the local drugstore's house brand nail polish remover as I change my nail polish regularly and yes, I don't print money too so hence the need to use cheaper remover.

    I am tempted to try other better brands but with the amount of remover I use each time, it seems that it might not be worth it? I would probably try to use cheap remover for the toe nails and more expensive one for finger nails!

    I'll have to order and try many brands before deciding which one is the best!

  2. I also just use the local drugstore's house brand, and I only buy it when it's on special - then I stock up. :)

  3. I have some bottles of remover right now ... I mainly use Peggy Sage remover without acetone, it's a bit expensive but I was lucky to find a shop that sells it for around 10€/1 liter !
    I use pure acetone to clean the contours after I applied a polish, and I also have some cheap drugstore removers :)

  4. Zoya Remove Plus works pretty well for me.

  5. This is exactly the remover I used for years, until it disappeared from the stores.

  6. I use the Cheap big bottle from Sally's

  7. I just don't understand feeling uneasy for using cheap np remover. It works, you like it, you're done. Why feel weird that you're not being a good enough consumer?

  8. I live in the US so I actually use a brand from a beauty supply store (called Sally's). It's a non-acetone removed and it comes in a huge bottle—It takes me about a year to go through it. I don't change my nails daily, but I do so quite frequently and I've found this is fast and doesn't dry my nails. But it may not be available to everyone.

  9. I don't use fancy stuff ether (we don't have them and if I find something they are too expensive for my students budget), I usually buy something cheap. Recently I bought remover from Essence and it does its job and it is also sold in different smells, I choose black currant and it is ok

  10. Do you also use it for cleaning up (if you do this at all)? I've just finished my medium bottle of Zoya Remove+, which I used as an overall remover, and when I had very little left, I decided to try it for cleanup, and it was fabulous.. But I'm out of it now, so do you think this one is good for such needs?

  11. rainscience: I never clean up, so I can´t say if it would work...

  12. I love this remover! I am prob on my 6th bottle!! I never use anything else. Except when i got the mini bottle of Zoya Remove+ in a promo. I actually like my SH better than R+. I use Remove+ for cleanup now and when I am taking my polish somewhere.

    I don't believe in pure acetone just because it's actually made to remove resin and it's too strong for you nails, but having remover without it kind of pointless. So ya, i don't mind acetone as long as it's not pure acetone.


  13. I mix my own remover. Here is my recipe:

    I take a 16oz bottle and add 2 tablespoons of 100% pure glycerin followed by one half tablespoon of water. I swish it around until the glycerin mixes with the water. I then add 8oz of pure acetone and swish it around until everything is well mixed. I also add 5 drops of rose essential oil (in jojoba oil) at the end. I leave a good amount of empty space in the bottle so I can swish it around and mix it up well prior to each use.

    Additionally, I apply cuticle oil to my cuticles and to all the skin around each nail before beginning to remove my nail polish. This helps protect my skin and cuticles a lot! :)

    I find this mix to be less harsh than pure acetone but just as effective. I make sure to wash my hands after removal and then I clean each nail with 100% pure acetone on cotton swabs before I start painting my nails. I try not to get any of the pure acetone on my cuticles and skin. <3

  14. I use this polish remover and I swear by it!! Any other removers that contain acetone really ravage my nails, and those that don't contain acetone aren't as effective as I'd wish and nearly always leave a residue. This one just does the job perfectly for me :)

  15. I make my own too! Acetone, glycerin and water. I keep wanting to add lavender oil but I keep forgetting to pick it up!


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