Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OPI DS Temptation

Well what to say...this is something truly special for a purple lover like me. I love it...it is not a holo like the previous OPI DS used to be but it is still pretty. This is two coats, it has great coverage.
I also wanted to write you one more thing. As you might have noticed I don´t post that often lately. I am having some problems with my back but I also feel like all the fun from blogging disappeared and it became only something I HAVE to do. It also costs me a lot of money. I do get all the collections for free, yes. But I have to pay the shipping to Europe for some brands since they don´t ship to my country. And it is starting to be quite expensive. I don´t want to quit, I just feel I need to change a bit. I have to think through this :) just don´t give up on me. LOVE YOU!


  1. really pretty swatch :)
    and: do it the way you want to do it! because if it feels like you have to do it, blogging loses all of its fun, and it's meant to be fun, right?! love you too, and I will for sure not give up on you!

  2. This one is gorgeous! <3 I'm a purple lover too :)
    And as for the blogging, you shouldn't spend money on something you don't want. We will be happy to see any kind of post you prepare for us, even if it's not the newest OPI collection or anything new really :)

  3. Misch: you are right, it should be fun. And I don´t feel any creativity and fun a long time. I want to do more interesting posts :) not only plain swatching.

  4. I have been a huge fan of your blog for a while! I dont comment a lot but i always love seeing what you post next and check your blog all the time. You are the reason I started my own blog. I would love to be as popular as you are and have the followers that you do. I would love to pick your brain and get any advice on how you started and what I can do to make my blog more popular. Right now its in the very beginning stages but its something i want to for sure expand on. Anyways I love your blog and would follow you no matter what you blogged about. If you can find the time and its not to much trouble please email me and maybe we could chat more about blogging and how you got so big. my email is ekatz00@gmail.com. I have tried to email you but cant seem to get the message through so i had to post here. Thanks so much!!

  5. If they don't ship to your country, that's their loss! If they "can't afford" but I'm sure they can., to get their collexs to your place, because I'm sure your swatches make people buy all the stuff you show us, because your pictures are really great!
    You're one of my fav nail bloggers so everything you post I'll love. <3

  6. I tagged your amazing blog for some awards! http://thenailaholic.blogspot.com/2011/12/blog-awards.html

  7. We d'ont give up on u.
    d'ont give up on us!

  8. ekatz: I will get back to you :) Thank you for your words.

    Ivana: guess you are right. Thank you!

    Efrat: I never will.

  9. Please post when you feel like it! Blogging shouldn't be an expensive chore, it should be a fun hobby! :)
    I know I'll still follow your blog after all! :)

  10. It's so bad to hear that you have health issues, I hope that Santa Claus and New Year brings you health
    Take as much time as you need and just get well :)


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