Tuesday, March 20, 2012

China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters Collection 2012 - Swatches and Review

Today I have something very exciting for you. The newest China Glaze collection called Prismatic Chroma Glitter. There are six shades in this collection and here are my swatches. All of these are full of very small glitter particles which make the base colour and then larger round glitter in different colours.

The base colour of this polish is golden with a hint of green. The glitter in it is yellow, green, pink, silver, turquoise and orange. This one was the sheerest of the whole collection. I used three coats for this swatch and still not opaque.

Polarized is called Polarized in the press release I received but on the polish I have Polarizen. Anyway it is mostly silver with all the different colours of glitter. The coverage was better. I used two coats.

Wow, this one is amazing! One of my favourites. Just look at the close-up picture and you will love it. Liquid Crystal is light blue but it has a hint of purple in it and I absolutely love the combination. Great coverage in two coats.

Another favourite of mine, which is not a surprise because I love everything purple. It looks absolutely beautiful on the nails, so much sparkle! Two coats.

Full Spectrum is an elegant glitter if something like that exists :) It is full of beautiful colours but the main colour is a very light pink. Two coats.

A light green that also looks great and had full coverage in two coats. Although I am not a big fan of greens this one looks great for spring and I will for sure wear it too.

Overall a great collection for me! The only two shades that I am not liking much are the first two. They are less opaque and seem a bit boring when compared to the others. Although if they would be a part of a collection full of cremes I am sure I would like them more. My favourites are Prism and Liquid Crytsal. 
I had no problems with the application of these. You might think that opaque glitter must be thick or goopy but these were not. Most of them cover in two coats which is great. Although they look amazing on their own I am sure they will look great layered over black or over creme polishes of the same colour. I am planning to wear a light purple creme and then on my ring fingers layer Prism on top.
I really recommend you get at least one of these polishes because they are fun but don´t scream glitter into your face. You will love them.

China Glaze® Prismatic will be available April 2012.  Individual shades retail for $8 MSRP.  The collection will be available in a 3-D 12-piece counter display and as open stock colors. 

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company 


  1. Thank you so much for the swatch! Well, it didn't make choice any easier, I just like them all. ,-) Even the sheer ones might be great for layering. These are incredibly pretty, and if they are not gritty, they must be perfect!

  2. I like the blue, purple, pink and the teal ones. Nice that the base of these glitters are milled really small. They don't sit as high and as chunky as many do. I think the reason I like these are all the shades in each one - they are a bit of different than what we have seen in the past in glitters put out by major companies. But I am still really tried of glitters in general. I like the really sheer ones that have a smattering of glitter so I can see my base shade. I don't want to wear a full opaque glitter anymore - it's too heavy. But with these light shades, makes these glitters passable. I think these are going to be a really successful collection.

    1. I think that you wrote it perfectly. The fact that the shades are light is what makes them more wearable even for people who don´t like glitters much.

  3. these are soo pretty!!! i love them all! i cannot decide which one i love the most LOL

  4. For someone who LOVES glitter (and subtle colors) would you recommend buying a few of these or is just one enough? :)

  5. Hm, I somehow thought these would be... not like this at all. But I still like them! Just not at all what I thought. RAY-DIANT is a must-have, I think it could actually be work appropriate for summer, no?
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Picked up Liquid Crystal, Prism, and Optical Illusion today from Sallys. After seeing your swatches, can't wait to try them out. P.s ladies: they were 6.99 and buy 2 get 1 free for the month of . Thanks for sharing

  7. I have a question regarding these glitter polishes - do they stay on well? I've had glitter polishes from China Glaze before, and I find that they would start chipping the next - if not the same day after the application!


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