Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Illamasqua Nail Art Competition!

Recently Illamasqua has released their new collection for Spring/Summer 2012 called Human Fundamentalism. To celebrate the launch of this super exciting collection I am hosting a competition where you can win some amazing products from this collection. Read on for more details!

The Human Fundamentalism Collection brings us nail polish lovers two new Nail Varnishes - Stance and Nomad. I showed you my swatches of them here. Not only they look beautiful on their own but these two make a great couple. I showed you one look here and I did a very simple stripe look for you today. I am not very good at nail art but I love how simple this look is and it is so easy to do. I used Nomad and Stance and some tape. In the end I applied one coat of Illamasqua top coat. I love this look. 

Illamasqua is a brand full of inspiration. Every collection comes with amazing promo pictures which have a story behind them. I am sure that the new collection will inspire you to be creative. To help you Illamasqua is offering these beautiful products to encourage your imagination and help you create some beautiful Human Fundamentalism nails! And believe me, Stance and Nomad are really worth having in your nail polish collection.

Here is what you can win:

Precision Ink in Scribe
Nail Varnish in Nomad
Nail Varnish in Stance
Top and Base Coat

To take part click on the following link, fill in your details and answer the question:

Good luck to you all and a big thank to Illamasqua for offering these amazing prizes to my readers!

Competition closes online at 11.59pm GMT on Tuesday 3rd April 2012. 


  1. Oh so cool!! Gorgeous nails! :D

  2. A timeless color combination. I also so the lipstick/gloss they're pairing with these colors and it's so funky! It's this super bright purple/pink tone that actually looks great on (at least on the photo I saw). I only own one Illamasqua so far, so I hope I'm the winner!

  3. beautiful color combo, I will def be trying my luck!

  4. cannot wait to see some of the submissions!

  5. awesome :D I just filled in everything from the link, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! yay

  6. I have seen some great combos of these shades on blogs since the release. Odd as I would not normally have put these together. I am all over the hot pink/magenta in this collection. Looks a bit like OPI's I Ate Berries In The Canaries.

  7. I am wearing both of these now, one on each hand. Really gorgeous colours, with a fantastic finish.

  8. Teda, gratulace k tak skvělé spolupráci! Jsi moc šikovná :)
    A kéž bych vyhrála, to bych asi skákala radostí :))


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