Thursday, October 11, 2012

Illamasqua Christmas Nail Duo in Viridian & Glitterati - Swatches and Review

It is the best time possible that I show you a new beautiful Nail Varnish from Illamasqua. It is called Glitterati and comes in a Christmas gift set together with my beloved Viridian. I don´t know how about you but I think October is the best month for Christmas gift hustle, late post etc and I can really enjoy it. Illamasqua also prepared a special treat for all of us, you can read about that at the end of my post after the swatches:

Such a perfect polish for the upcoming holiday season! Not only does it look great on the nail but it is a pleasure to apply. On the below picture I have two coats. The formula is a bit jelly with glitter of different sizes. The thing I love about this polish most is that the glitter does not sink in the base and shows really well. 

 As I already said Viridian is and always will be one of my favourites. 

Here is a really quick look I did using both polishes. I am sure all those nail art girls out there will think of endless possibilities how to pair these two. Nevertheless I think they look stunning together:

One more picture to show you Glitterati. This is one coat over Boosh (black creme). 

So what are my final thoughts? I think this Nail Duo is really worth purchasing. Why not treat yourself or get it for some other nail maniac. Glitterati is really something different and I am sure I have nothing like this in my nail polish collection. 
You can buy the whole set here for 24 pounds. I would love to know what you think about these!

And one more thing I wanted to let you know. Illamasqua has FREE UK AND INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY this weekend! NO minimum spend [even for international!] and NO code to enter... just get shopping and it will automatically give you the free delivery option! Great excuse to stock up on Christmas gifts! 


  1. Oh woooow, both polishes together look sooo great!! Perfect for fall and winter <3


  2. OMG I think I'm placing an order!
    Glitterati is really intriguing!

  3. Both look beautiful I skipped Veridian and Scarab for some strange reason.
    Adding this duo to my Christmas list :)

  4. This is so gorgeous! I was chatting with some ladies today and we were wondering if this was going to come to the US Sephoras! I sure hope so =)

  5. Bude se moct dát Glitterati koupit samotný?

  6. I really love how you put them together, very nice!!

  7. I like Glitterati on its own the best! Very pretty :)

  8. glitterati looks much better than I thought it would!

  9. Seriously, you are one of the bloggers out there that make want to buy almost everything it looks so pretty!

  10. Glitterait is totally droolworthy! I didn't know they did glitters at all! soooo tempting! They do look great together, but I have always loved that shade of green with a burgundy-ish color! Thank-you!

  11. Both gorgeous colours. I love Glitterati! And they look great with the half and half :)


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